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Remodeling Your Historic Home? What Are Your Best Insulation Options?

08 August

Whether you’ve recently purchased a historic home with the intent of immediately embarking on a “to the studs” renovation or have been slowly making improvements to your older home over time, you may be wondering what to do when it comes to insulation. Although most historic homes will require updates to windows, doors, and other […]

Are You Acting As Your Own General Contractor | 5 Things Every New Home Construction Site Needs

08 August

At first glance, acting as your own general contractor when building a new house seems fairly straight-forward. You basically have to manage everyone’s schedule and make sure things move smoothly, much like project management in business. Well, yes and no. There is a certain order of things that every good contractor should know, like window […]

Three Preparation Tasks To Complete Before A Home Heating Oil Delivery

13 July

If you have recently moved to a home with an oil boiler system, then you will need to have heating oil delivered to your home on a regular basis. Many heating oil companies will set up regular billing with you or they will offer a cash on delivery service. To receive your delivery, you will need […]

Roofing Should Last A Lifetime: Metal Versus Architectural Shingles—Which Type Will You Choose?

23 May

If you are in the market for a new roof, you may be pleasantly surprised by the number of choices you have. But if you are looking for traditional types of roofing materials, you may be able to quickly weed out tile, slate, or rubber roofing. Even if you narrow your choices down to asphalt […]

4 Roof Repair Safety Tips

25 April

Roof repairs are not out of reach for DIY-oriented homeowners. However, working on a roof can be one of the more risky home repair projects to take on. Here are four tips that can help keep you safe when you are patching a roof leak or replacing worn-out shingles. Use the Right Ladder It is […]

Light It Up: Bringing Natural Light Into A Pre-Engineered Metal Building

31 March

Increasing the natural light in a pre-engineered metal building creates an upbeat attitude, and it allows you to save money on electrical lighting. Depending on your budget, your style preferences and your final objectives for your building, there are a range of lighting options you can explore. Here are some decisions you may need to […]

4 Insulation Solutions Ideal For A Home Entertainment Room

17 March

The two most important elements of a home entertainment room are comfort and sound. A huge factor in achieving these elements is proper insulation. This should be one of the first priorities when designing your home entertainment room. By working with insulation contractors, you can plan out the different functions of the room to achieve […]

Business Fire Sprinkler Options To Consider

28 January

If you want to protect your business from fire hazards and lower your insurance costs at the same time, then it is wise to invest in a fire protection system. The best system will be one that includes fire sprinklers. Fire sprinkler systems can vary greatly with many different options to choose from. To get […]

5 Reasons To Choose UPVC Pipes For Your Industrial Plumbing Project

28 January

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) has only become a household name in the last decade or so, but now there’s a new variation known as unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) that is even better for industrial plumbing applications. Ordering this form of pipe for your project could save you a lot of time and hassle, especially if your […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Floods And Carpet

11 January

Following a flood, you have to decide what items can be salvaged and saved, and what items need to simply be discarded. With some items, you don’t have much choice. For example, drywall can’t be saved if it is wet. Other items, such as structural beams, are costly to be replaced and can be easily […]