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Transforming A Spare Bedroom Into A Reading Room

30 March

If you are considering renovating your home, you may be wondering what to do with that spare bedroom that never gets used. One option is to create a reading room your whole family can use for relaxing or studying. Here are a few ideas to go over with your contractor to renovate this space and […]

How to Prevent Water Damage to Your Screened Porch

17 March

Screened porches can add a lot of charm and value to a home. They can be used for social gatherings, as a quiet place to reflect, or allow you to enjoy an outdoor sheltered picnic without the bugs. But like the rest of your home, you want to make sure it’s protected from water damage. […]

Why Radiant Floor Heating Is The Most Efficient Way To Heat Your Home

13 March

Being environmentally responsible can start right in your own home. There are a number of things that can improve the energy efficiency of your home. One of those is to consider using radiant floor heat. Incorporating a radiant floor system in a new home is simple, but you can also upgrade an old house with […]

How To Build A Dock With A Qualified Dock Builder

07 March

When you live near a body of water and enjoy outdoor activities, you may want to build a dock near your home to easily access the water. A dock is a jetty or pier where a ship may moor. A dock is also a platform where you can fish, swim, and enjoy being near the […]

Three Tips For Maintaining Your Sliding Glass Door

02 March

If you have a sliding glass patio door, then you may not think much about the necessary care and maintenance required to keep your door sliding smoothly. However, if you’ve recently noticed that your door is difficult to slide open or closed, then it may be time to start taking better care of the sliding […]

What Can You Do To Protect Your Midwestern Modular Home From Seismic Damage?

22 February

If you live in the Midwest, you likely give much greater thought to protecting your home from fire and tornado damage than any other natural disasters. But while hurricanes may not ever pose much of a danger for those who reside above the Mason-Dixon line and away from the coasts, damage from seismic shifts (including […]

Remodeling Your Historic Home? What Are Your Best Insulation Options?

08 August

Whether you’ve recently purchased a historic home with the intent of immediately embarking on a “to the studs” renovation or have been slowly making improvements to your older home over time, you may be wondering what to do when it comes to insulation. Although most historic homes will require updates to windows, doors, and other […]

Are You Acting As Your Own General Contractor | 5 Things Every New Home Construction Site Needs

08 August

At first glance, acting as your own general contractor when building a new house seems fairly straight-forward. You basically have to manage everyone’s schedule and make sure things move smoothly, much like project management in business. Well, yes and no. There is a certain order of things that every good contractor should know, like window […]

Three Preparation Tasks To Complete Before A Home Heating Oil Delivery

13 July

If you have recently moved to a home with an oil boiler system, then you will need to have heating oil delivered to your home on a regular basis. Many heating oil companies will set up regular billing with you or they will offer a cash on delivery service. To receive your delivery, you will need […]

Roofing Should Last A Lifetime: Metal Versus Architectural Shingles—Which Type Will You Choose?

23 May

If you are in the market for a new roof, you may be pleasantly surprised by the number of choices you have. But if you are looking for traditional types of roofing materials, you may be able to quickly weed out tile, slate, or rubber roofing. Even if you narrow your choices down to asphalt […]