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4 Tools You Need To Change Your Fence From Gray To Brand New-Looking Again

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Wooden fences from places like Family Fence Company give your yard privacy while creating an attractive, natural-looking boarder around your backyard. If you don't stain and treat your wooden fence with the right products, then your fence will become a home for mold spores to grow into a gray layer on your wood's surface. Over time your bright fence will turn dull and ugly. These tools will help you keep your fence looking as good as the day it was installed.

Because your wooden fence sits out doors all the time, it is always exposed to the sun and mold spores that are floating through the air. The sun will fade out the outer surface of the wood, drying out the wood's natural oils and causing the wood to rot. As soon as mold spores find your rotten wood fence, they will attach to it. Your wooden fence is the perfect place for mold to grow on because it provides a porous surface, and plenty of moisture in the wood. 

If you seal your wood with a UV stain, you will keep the sun from damaging your fence and mold spores from finding a home in the wood. But first, you will need to undo the damage caused by the sun and water.


The first step in removing the gray mold from the surface of your wood fence is to apply a solution of one part bleach to ten parts water. Wipe this mixture onto your fence, or spray it on using a power sprayer to coat the entire surface. 

The bleach and water solution will soak into the wood, killing off any mold that is growing, and it will prevent any new spores from attaching onto the surface. Once you have applied the bleach, allow it to sit for several minutes before you spray it off with a power washer. 

Power Washer

A power washer is the perfect tool for spraying off any remaining dead mold to give your wood a clean, new appearance. 

Use a power washer with a 25 degree tip and spray off the entire surface of your fence. A 25 degree tip on the power washer will give you enough spraying power to remove any dirt and mold debris from the fence, but it will not be strong enough to cause damage to your wood.

At this point your fence will look as bright and beautiful as it did when it was first installed. Let your wood fence dry for two days so that all the moisture is gone from your fence to later treat the wood with a stain and sealer.

Semi-transparent Stain

The best type of stain is a semi-transparent stain or darker that has a UV protection. This will help to protect the wood from the sun's harmful rays. Then, either choose a water-based stain, or an oil-based stain. 

​Apply one to two coats of stain onto your fence. The wood in your fence will soak up the stain into the wood to protect and add moisture back into the wood, so make sure you spread on as much as the wood needs. You will know that you are applying enough stain because the surface of the wood will appear shiny and wet.

Wood Sealer

The wood sealer is the most important part of making your fence look new again. If you miss any spots on your fence when you are applying the sealer, there is a chance that mold will take hold in your wood and begin to grow in those untreated spots once again. It is a good idea with most sealers to use two coats. This will allow you to get the best coverage on your fence and avoid any missed spots.

Reapply your stain and sealer every one to two years and you can keep your fence looking bright and new without ugly gray mold making a home in your fence.