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3 Reasons To Consider A Whole House Fan To Cool Off Your House

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If your home currently does not have central air conditioning, you may want to find out what options you have for making your house cooler in the summer. Installing a central AC system would be a good option if your home has ductwork, but if your home has a boiler this might not be a feasible option. Of the remaining choices you have, installing a whole house fan might be the best option for you and here's why.

It Regulates the Temperature in the Attic

A whole house fan is a device that is normally placed in the attic, or in an area above the ceilings in a home. These fans are usually powered by electricity, but you may also be able to purchase a solar fan instead. One of the purposes of a whole house fan is to control the temperature inside the attic. If you are wondering why that matters, there is a good explanation that may help you understand.

The temperature inside your attic is directly correlated to the temperature inside your house. During the summer months, an attic can get really hot. The problem with this is that the heat can escape into your home, causing it to be hotter than it already is. If you had a way to keep your attic cooler, the living space in your house may also be cooler.

A fan in your attic will do just that. When it is hot outside, it will circulate the hot air trapped in the attic by pushing it outside. As this happens, it pulls in fresh air, which actually could be a lot cooler than the air that is currently inside the attic. The effect of a cooler attic is a cooler house. For this to occur, there must be proper ventilation in the roof and the attic must be well-insulated.

It Circulates Air in a House

The second benefit of a whole house fan is that it can also circulate air through the living space in your house. An HVAC company could install the fan so that it is directly connected with the living space in your house.

When the fan is turned on, heat in the house will rise and will enter through a vent that is tied to the house fan. The fan will pull the hot air from the house and will send it through the vents in the roof. You can benefit from this by opening the windows in your house. As the fan pulls out the hot air, you will feel fresh air coming through the windows.

This is an ideal solution for a home without central air because it will keep the house a lot cooler.

It Provides Benefits During the Winter

In addition to having cooling benefits during the summer, a whole house fan could also offer benefits in the winter. Because an attic can get really cold during the winter, this type of fan will help warm up the attic space. It will push cold air out of the attic and pull warmer air in. This will help keep the attic warmer, which may in turn keep your house warmer.

As this is happening, it will also be providing benefits to your roof. Because the air is constantly circulating, it will help the roof stay dry. The circulation of air may help melt the snow or ice that lands on your roof, and this could potentially help your roof last longer.

If you would like to learn more about whole house fans, talk to an HVAC company like All American Air & Electric, Inc. You may find that this is a good, cost-effective solution for cooling your home in the summer months.