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Ways To Save With Windows

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Windows are an important part of any home, but they come with some downsides. Windows can often be drafting, causing money to practically float out of the house with the air. Windows are also expensive to replace and can fall apart quickly if not well maintained. However, as a homeowner you will find there are some ways windows can save you money. Here are a few. 

Fix Stripping and Sealing Problems

When you find your windows are letting in the cold air, you can fight back by checking your windows for cracks and holes in the sealant. Older wooden windows are durable, but they can expand and contract with changes in the weather. Vinyl window frames can expand and contract as well. This action can crack the wood or vinyl and cause some major drafting. 

If you find your windows are drafty, try these techniques for a quick fix. 

  • Use rope caulk around the edge of the windows and to fill in any gaps. This type of caulk is useful because it can be stretched and molded to the size you need. 
  • Buy a draft snake to fit inside the bottom edge of your window sill. This is simply a long piece of foam you wrap in fabric, but it does keep out a lot of the cold air. 
  • Put weather sealing tape on any cracks you find in the window pane. You don't have weather sealing tape? You can also use clear nail polish. 
  • Put weather stripping on the sides of the window. These seal tightly and keep out drafts from around the outside edges of the window. 

The more you can avoid drafts, the more you will save in heating and cooling your home. 

Replace Old Windows With More Energy Efficient Models

Old windows are drafty. Windows with a single pane of glass let a lot more air in and out than double or triple pane glass windows do. You will save significant money on your energy bills with new window replacements that include features designed to save energy. New windows save money in other ways as well. 

  • When you buy energy efficient windows that meet Energy Star guidelines, you get a significant tax credit. 
  • New windows make your home look better and will increase the value of your home when you are ready to sell. CNBC reports spending $10,000 on new windows can raise the asking price of a house about $8500. 

Shop Smart

New windows can cost a lot of money, but a savvy shopper can find some real savings with some observation and perseverance. Here are some tricks for getting the most out of shopping for windows. 

  • Check sales. Know what the best prices are in your area, and keep track of who has them and how often. 
  • Negotiate the price. Pretend you are shopping for a car instead of new windows, and try to strike a deal. Point out what other stores are charging and ask if the salesperson can beat the price. Most window salespeople are willing to haggle. Don't forget to negotiate for installations costs as well. 
  • Ask for multiple window discounts. It makes sense to replace all the windows on your house at once if you can afford it. If not, maybe you can do all the windows on one level. The more windows you buy, the less you should be charged per window. 

You can save money with windows when you stick to a plan and see it through. Fixing drafts in existing windows will yield an immediate saving in energy costs, and replacing windows will pay off in an even bigger way. If you follow these suggestions you will be seeing your windows in a whole new light.