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3 Reasons To Hire A Professional To Install The Gutters On Your Home

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When you look at your home, you probably never notice the gutters on it because gutters usually just blend in, but despite the lack of attention they may get, they are there for a very important reason. Gutters keep rain water out of your home, and when the time comes to replace your worn-out gutters, you should consider hiring a professional to complete this job for these three reasons.

Quality Materials

If you are usually a do-it-yourself type of person, replacing the gutters on your home might be a job you should consider hiring out. Gutter systems work best when they are made of quality materials and installed properly, and a professional will offer both of these features.

The first important step in replacing your gutters is choosing the right type of gutters to use. There are many options with gutters, but one of the best types is seamless gutters. Seamless gutters are built to suit your house, and as the name implies, they have no seams. They are made from one continuous piece of material, which will automatically eliminate all problems you may have with normal gutters that contain seams.

Seamless gutters are different from standard gutters in another way too, which is the material they are made from. When people put up gutters themselves, they usually choose vinyl gutters. Vinyl is the easiest material to work with for people who are not experts with gutters, but vinyl also has its drawbacks.

When you choose seamless gutters, you will get gutters made from either aluminum, copper, or galvanized steel. These three materials hold up better than vinyl and look nicer than vinyl, but they can be harder to install simply because they are seamless, and you must have the right equipment to make them and cut them.

The Right Slope

If you install your new gutters yourself, you may also end up with problems if you do not calculate the slope properly. When you hire a gutter company to install your gutters, this is one important factor they will consider as they design and install your new gutter system.

According to This Old House, gutters need to slope at least 1/2 inch for each 10 foot span. This slope is designed to force the collected water downstream towards the downspouts of the system. Without the right slope, the rainwater might run in the wrong direction, or it might get trapped inside the gutters.

The correct slope of a gutter system is not something you can usually see by looking at the system, but it is there, and it is vital for your system to serve the purpose it is intended for.

To support this slope and the gutters, a professional company will also know exactly how many hangers to use for the gutters. Hangers are a necessary part of a gutter system because they hold the gutters up, and they should be installed so the gutters cannot move at all. Any type of movement with the gutters can change the slope, which may cause the gutters to fail.

Proper Drainage System

The final reason to consider hiring this job out to professionals is to ensure the drainage system attached to the gutters is effective. The drainage system not only includes the downspouts, but it also includes the underground components that assist in forcing the collected water away from your house.

This system often involves underground pipe used to transfer the water to a lower part of your yard, or it could also carry the water into a dry well.

You could save some money by installing your gutters yourself, but in the long run, doing this yourself might cost you more money. Professional seamless gutter services will provide quality materials, as well as excellent installation services, and these features are worth the extra money.