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Troubleshooting Your Dryer Issues

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When it comes to problems with appliances in your home, there's a number of things that your mind may drift to first: maybe the toaster isn't working, perhaps the television is on the fritz, or perhaps the dishwasher isn't getting those dishes as squeaky clean as you would like. Not often does one think of their dryer being the source of some sketchy activity. Your dryer can fall victim to not being able to cope with the demands that you place on it — or sometimes the power is just unplugged! Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn 4 ways to deal with a troublesome dryer via troubleshooting.

Dryer Isn't Heating

Dryers serve one purpose and one purpose alone: to adequately dry your clothes. If it isn't doing a good job at that, then what good is it? There are several possible answers to why your dryer isn't properly heating up, but chances are, it is the source of one small problem: the air way is clogged with lint. All dryers are supposed to have a lint trap, but a good deal of lint can get through this area. Unplug the machine and remove it from the wall. You should see an airway leading to a tumbler. Remove the tumbler and check for any excess lint. Remove said lint.

Dryer Doesn't Tumble

If your drum doesn't turn or "tumble," then there are a number of culprits that might be the cause of this particular phenomenon. The most common problem is that the drum's belt is broken. Open your dryer with the power turned off and try to turn the drum. If you can turn the drum but it feels a bit tight and you have to use a bit of effort, then this means that your belt is fine. If the drum turns far too loosely and with very little effort at all, chances are the drum's belt is broken. Fixing the belt is a bit of a complicated manner, as well. It is recommended that you hire the services of a professional if you find that your drum's belt is broken or in disrepair.

Dryer Is Damaging Clothes

Are you experiencing the harrowing fact that your dryer is damaging your clothes? This could be a number of problems. One of the main culprits of this problem is worn out glides. Unplug your dryer and take off the front or rear panel. The glides are located towards the front of the bulkhead and are not particularly difficult to replace. Simply unscrew them from the front of the bulkhead and replace them with new glides. You simply will screw them in, in much the same way you unscrewed them. Glides can pinch clothes in between the bulkhead and drum, which is the source of many a damaged T-shirt.

Dryer Stops And Starts

If you're experiencing this problem, chances are your dryer is experiencing a thermal overload. The dryer is stopping because it is getting far too hot. Thermal overload switches are located in the back of the dryer behind the bulkhead panel. Remove the paneling. You can test a thermal switch, or you can just replace it if you don't want to go through the testing process.

When it comes to home appliances, your dryer — believe it or not — can be a fickle beast. There are a number of problems associated with your dryer and like any home appliance, it is absolutely essential that you adequately maintain it. Hopefully, these few troubleshooting tips have given you an idea of what to do in the case that you're dryer is acting a bit wonky. If you still can't seem to fix your dryer after troubleshooting it, or if you feel ill prepared to do any repairs, contact an appliance repair service like Appliance Service Co Inc.