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3 Reasons To Invest In A Stud Welder

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There are many projects on a construction site that require access to a welding gun. If you are looking for a simple way to streamline your construction company's welding tasks, then investing in a stud welder could be the answer.

Here are three reasons why making the switch to a stud welder could be beneficial for your company in the long run.

1. A stud welder can be operated by a single worker.

Research shows that the average construction worker can expect to make $14.00 per hour. Finding ways to reduce the labor required to complete basic tasks on your construction site can be a simple way to help you save money on your next project.

Since a stud welder can be used by a single worker to create structurally sound welds, opting to use a stud welding gun over an arc welder or other type of equipment can easily reduce your labor costs in the future.

2. A stud welder can be used for many different types of metals.

Unlike other welding systems, a stud welder is designed to accommodate a variety of metal types. Instead of requiring that the metal component being welded and the base it will be welded onto be made from the same metal material, stud welding gives you the freedom to join two different types of metal together in a single application.

If you regularly use brass, copper, and steel on your construction sites, then having a stud welding gun will give you the ability to use a single piece of equipment to manipulate all three types of metal.

3. A stud welder allows your workers to complete welding tasks quickly.

In order to keep your construction project on track, it's essential that each task be completed in a timely manner. Stud welding offers your workers the opportunity to load, position, and complete up to 30 welds in a single minute.

Automatic stud welders can fasten up to 1,800 studs in a single hour, while portable stud welders can fasten studs at a rate of up to 1,000 units per hour. If reducing your weld time is a priority, then investing in a stud welding gun from a company like the one found at http://www.norfas.com could be an easy way to reduce the amount of time it takes your workers to complete welding projects.

Having access to the right equipment on a construction site can make your next project run smoothly. Invest in a stud welding gun to reduce the number of workers required to complete welding tasks, address all your welding needs with a single machine, and speed up the completion of welding tasks in the future.