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Four Reasons To Outsource Shredding Services

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Though shredding can be completed in-house, there are some compelling reasons to outsource the service instead. An outsourced shredding service can operate in a few ways: they can pick up already boxed goods, perform shredding on-site, or install shredder "boxes" which are shredded once full. Here are some of the advantages to using these services. 

1. Shredding Services Are Affordable

Shredding services are often more affordable than the cost of purchasing and maintaining a shredding machine. In addition to maintaining equipment, a business will also need to allocate its time and human resources towards shredding -- which will be a cost of its own. Shredding services, therefore, reduce overhead and maintenance costs for a low fee, either by month or by the number of boxes shredded.

2. Shredding Services Are Dependable

Employees make mistakes. It's always a possibility that employees may fail to shred documents properly or may forget to shred documents at all. Employing a shredding service makes it easier to separate confidential items out and make sure that they are completely shredded. Once you hand over your documents to a shredding company, you don't need to worry about them ever again.

3. Shredding Services Are Certified

Sometimes your business may need to prove that they properly discarded items. For instance, if your business is suspected of leaking personally identifiable information, you may need to prove that you properly disposed of the data. Shredding services are certified, protecting you from some liability when it comes to the documents that you have shredded. Even better, they often present to you an official certificate of destruction, which proves that you destroyed items. 

4. Shredding Services Are Versatile

Can your business shredder shred an entire binder? CDs? Shredding services have industrial shredders that can shred everything from large folders to compiled binders, so your employees don't have to work harder to pull these items apart. You'll even be able to shred floppy disks if you need to. Having a versatile shredding service handy means that you'll be able to quickly get rid of data and documents without having to worry about their effect on your machines.

In addition to ensuring the security and privacy of your data and your customer's data, most shredding services make the process of removing confidential documents both faster and more reliable. Further, shredding services may be more affordable than you expect. If you're interested in outsourcing your shredding, you can contact a shredding service (such as Document Demolition LLC) today to get a no-commitment quote.