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How To Build A Dock With A Qualified Dock Builder

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When you live near a body of water and enjoy outdoor activities, you may want to build a dock near your home to easily access the water. A dock is a jetty or pier where a ship may moor. A dock is also a platform where you can fish, swim, and enjoy being near the water. To build a strong and efficient dock, you should research the type of dock that you wish to build, obtain all needed permits, and hire a qualified dock builder. Here are some things to do and consider when you build a dock:

Know Your State and Local Building Codes:  Research the state and local building codes that are in force in your area so that you can design a dock that conforms to them. 

Design Your Dock:  Design a dock that is appropriate for the shoreline, water level, and weather in your area. You can design and build a number of different types of docks, such as a permanent dock, a lift dock, or a floating dock that can be removed during the winter. The weather in your area will be an important factor in determining the type of dock that you should build. 

Obtain Required Permits: Contact your local city or county building and planning office to research the permits that you must obtain to build a dock in your location. When applying for a building permit, be prepared to submit a detailed construction plan and support drawings of your proposed dock. 

Find a Qualified Dock Builder:  To find a qualified dock builder, interview them extensively to confirm that they are knowledgeable about the following rules and regulations and can provide you with copies of the following documents:

  • A copy of their contractor's license to legally operate in your state. 
  • Knowledge of all state and local construction codes. 
  • Experience building docks in your area with the addresses of completed docks that you can visit.
  • Possession of all of the tools needed to construct your dock. 
  • A copy of their workers' compensation insurance and employer's liability insurance for their employees. 
  • A list of references of past clients. 
  • Proof of current affiliation with any professional builders associations and trade unions.

Hire a Dock Builder and Sign a Contract and Cost Estimate:  Draw up a contract with your potential dock builder to specify all job responsibilities, an expected construction schedule, and an estimate of costs. If possible, work with an attorney to draft this contract so that it is legally binding. You and your dock builder should both sign and keep copies of this contract.

Work With Your Dock Builder: Once you have hired a qualified dock builder and agreed upon the design and specifications for your new dock, work with them each day to oversee construction of the dock. Confer with your dock builder often to confirm that work is proceeding on schedule and within budget. 

With research, due diligence, and the assistance of a qualified dock builder like Abbotts' Construction Services Inc., you can construct a proper dock on your property that meets all building codes and satisfies all legal requirements. When properly constructed and permitted, your dock will last for many years.