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Why Radiant Floor Heating Is The Most Efficient Way To Heat Your Home

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Being environmentally responsible can start right in your own home. There are a number of things that can improve the energy efficiency of your home. One of those is to consider using radiant floor heat.

Incorporating a radiant floor system in a new home is simple, but you can also upgrade an old house with a similar system. Here's an explanation of why radiant floor heating is the best choice.

What is Radiant Heat

Radiant heat is like the feeling you get when you're close to something that is hot, like a stove top or fireplace. The heat is radiated to your body, making you feel warm. That is the theory behind radiant heat for your home.

A system is installed in floors, walls, or the ceiling, which has heat running through it. By warming the different parts of a structure, that heat radiates outward to warm the room.

Why Radiant Heat is More Efficient

Radiant heating systems are installed in the space between floors, walls and ceilings. The most efficient systems transport hot water through a series of pipes that are between the floor joists, wall studs, or roof rafters.

Hot water is forced through the pipes and the heat then radiates within the space. That heat is transferred to the visible flooring, or walls. Conventional baseboard or forced air systems put warmth into the air, but a portion of that heat is absorbed by the walls since they are at a lower temperature.

That is why it takes longer to warm a room using conventional systems. Instead of radiating the heat through the room, some portion of the heat is actually absorbed through the floor and walls.

Radiant Floor Heating is the Most Efficient Heat System

Radiant heating systems inside walls and ceilings are very helpful, but the most efficient way to heat a room is installing the radiant heating elements in the floor. The installation process is easier, since it runs the systems through the floor joists, as opposed to putting them into your walls.

However, the most important reason radiant floor heat is the most efficient is based on the science of heat. Heat rises, so having the source of warmth in the floor will more efficiently distribute that heat to the rest of the room.

Thermostats are usually attached at approximately eye level, so the heaviest concentration of warmth in a room with radiant floor heat will be from your feet to your head. Useful heat will not drift up the walls like with a baseboard system, plus nothing will be lost through the ductwork, or vents in the room. The whole room will experience an efficient source of warmth from the floor up.

Radiant heating is the most efficient way to heat a home. A consultation with a knowledgeable building contractor, like Adams Plumbing & Heating Company, can explain the benefits and cost-effectiveness of having radiant floor heating installed during new home constructions, or adding it to an old house. Either way, radiant heat can give your home that warm, cozy feeling and do it with environmentally sound efficiency.