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Transforming A Spare Bedroom Into A Reading Room

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If you are considering renovating your home, you may be wondering what to do with that spare bedroom that never gets used. One option is to create a reading room your whole family can use for relaxing or studying. Here are a few ideas to go over with your contractor to renovate this space and to create a brand new room you can fall in love with.

Closet Conversion

Your closet offers a natural place to create a built-in bookshelf for your book collection. Your contractor will need to remove the doors and build the shelving for this idea. You can add French-style doors to make the old closet a focal point in the room or you can leave it open for easy access to books. Consider adding crown molding at the top of the closet opening to create a finished look for this area. Add extra bookshelf units on either side of the old closet opening to expand your available book storage space.

Window Seat Addition

Curling up with a good book in front of an open window is a book lover's dream. Work with your contractor to build seating areas in front of each window in the room and think about converting your existing windows into bay windows for a new look in the room. You can have storage compartments built into the seating benches, which can be used for books, study materials, or extra throw pillows. Once the window seat benches are installed, use fluffy pillows and cushions to create a lush place to sit and read.

Recessed Lighting

Having ample lighting is critical for creating proper reading conditions. Have your contractor install recessed lighting along the perimeter of the room so you can comfortably sit and read from anywhere in the room, and install a ceiling fan light in the center of the room for added illumination and climate control. Have the lights installed with dimmer switches so you can control the lighting concept as needed. You may also want to add under-shelf lighting to all of the bookshelves in your room so you can easily find the books you are looking for.

Soundproof Flooring

When it comes to the flooring in your new reading room, you'll want to select materials that help to keep the room quiet. Your contractor can install sound-absorbing underlayment on your floors, which provide a layer of sound protection for the room. You can then add carpeting, tile, or hardwood flooring to match the decor theme of the room for the finished look.

Once your contractor has finished the renovations in the room, you can begin to consider fun decorating touches to complete the space. Consider an antique library card file cabinet and banker's lamps for a vintage decor theme, or add brightly colored bean bag chairs and contemporary wall art for a modern look. With the right home renovations and decorative touches, you can transform a spare bedroom into a cozy reading room. To find out more, speak with someone like Wes Davis Construction.