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Need A Trucking Service To Haul Your Construction Equipment? What To Ask

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As part of your construction business, you may have a number of excavators and forklifts so that you have what you need to complete a project. However, it can be challenging to haul all of that heavy equipment to each work site. For that reason, you're going to need to deal with a trucking service with this type of expertise. Asking questions like these will make you better able to choose a company to suit all your needs.

Can You Help Prep?

A challenge that you're likely to encounter when you have to put your heavy equipment onto any truck is to ensure that it's in place securely. Equipment with moving parts or dangling components are more likely to be damaged when they are not properly secured. That's why it's vital that you and your workers remove moving pieces and tie down your equipment as best you can before it's loaded. However, a trucking company that transports this kind of equipment regularly will have some ideas about how best to secure items; ask whether they come out and prep the equipment beforehand or whether they offer supplies and tools for this purpose.

Do I Need to Ensure the Permits are Filed?

Depending on how far your equipment will be transported, you may need to investigate travel permits and other required papers. Some companies work this out for you, but you might have to take care of these issues yourself. Asking as soon as possible will give you enough time to apply and receive the appropriate documents.

Can I Track My Equipment?

To make yourself feel more comfortable with another party moving your expensive equipment, you may want to ask about GPS or other tracking methods a company can offer you. Some services even offer you direct contact with the truck drivers responsible for getting your equipment to you.

Can You Store My Heavy Equipment?

On any job there can be delays. If you have not managed to advance a particular construction project to the point where you're ready to use a piece of heavy equipment, it is worth asking whether a heavy haul trucking service has some kind of accommodations or storage spaces that you can rent.

When you're able to get more information about heavy haul trucking services, you have a better idea of which company might be the best one to work with. Chatting with reps from different companies can help you make your final decision.