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How Do You Know If There Are Problems With Your Chimney?

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One of the things that may have convinced you to purchase your new home was the fireplace. What you might not have thought about at the time was chimney maintenance. If the chimney is in disrepair, it will have to be examined by a chimney sweep to lower the chances of damage to your house. How do you know if something's wrong with your chimney? Here are three signals.


Visible cracks that you can see in the flue of your chimney are never a good sign. It's easy to think that cracking occurs because of sustained exposure to heat and fire, but the chimney should not be showing any signs of damage. Cracks are dangerous because they indicate that the mortar has been compromised; that means that eventually, rainwater can get into them or humidity can start to affect the interior of the chimney. If that happens, the chimney can be further damaged. You may see some signs of this near the fireplace if you see peeling wallpaper.

Finding Tiles in Ashes

Sweeping out the interior of the fireplace, you might notice some tiles are mixed in with the ashes. That may be a curiosity for you, but without much knowledge about fireplaces, it's natural that you wouldn't think much of it. What you need to realize is that tiles are the barrier between the chimney flue and the rest of the house; if tiles aren't there to insulate the space, the heat can affect other components of your home and the fire may spread to other areas.

Tiles should always be in place to protect your house. If you see multiple tiles falling down, you need to talk with a sweep right away.

Bricks Coming Off the Crown

The crown at the top of your chimney is seen from the outside so if you're having a problem with it, it should be immediately visible because bricks will become detached and end up on your roof or even your front lawn after a storm. Bricks become detached when the crown has been infiltrated by water. Not only do you have to have the bricks replaced in order to avoid looking shabby, but you're also going to have to inspect the rest of the chimney to see how seriously the water has affected it.

Noticing these things necessitates a phone call to an experienced chimney sweep. They can inspect the structure completely and assist you in making it fire-ready and safe. For more information, contact companies like A Sound Chimney & Masonry LLC.