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Replace Damaged Asphalt Shingles That Are On Your Garage's Rooftop

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If a few damaged asphalt shingles located near the edge of your garage's rooftop have resulted in water leaking through the roof whenever it rains, remove the affected roofing materials by completing the directions that are listed below. After restoring the roof, maintain the shingles by routinely inspecting them for signs of damage and removing loose debris and hardened residue from their surface.


  • extension ladder
  • harness
  • power nail puller
  • putty knife
  • vinyl tarp
  • water hose
  • scrub brush
  • asphalt shingles
  • roofing cement
  • standard paintbrush
  • roofing nails
  • cordless nail gun

Remove Damaged Shingles And Cement

Lean an extension ladder next to the garage. Put a harness around your body and secure the safety device to a sturdy fixture that is near the garage. After climbing the ladder, use a power nail puller to remove roofing nails from the corners of each damaged shingle. Lift the damaged shingles away from the rooftop.

Wedge the tip of a putty knife under hardened cement to loosen it. If cement is difficult to remove, it can be softened with water. Before using a water hose to spray the cement, lay a vinyl tarp across the portion of the garage's flooring that is directly underneath the section of the roof that you are repairing. Saturate the cement with water before moving a scrub brush back and forth over the cement in a rapid manner. Once all traces of cement have been eliminated, wait for the rooftop to dry.

Install New Shingles And Maintain The Roof

Before installing new shingles, pay close attention to the way that the other shingles are lined up so that you can overlap the new ones in the same manner. Use a standard paintbrush to apply a thin, even coat of roofing cement to the backside of one of the replacement shingles. Align the shingle with the adjacent shingles and press the roofing material firmly against the rooftop. Use a cordless nail gun to drive nails through the corners of the shingle. Apply cement to the remaining shingles and secure all of the roofing materials to the rooftop in the same manner.

After installing shingles, use a water hose to spray a strong stream of water across the new roofing materials. Go inside the garage to make sure that water is not leaking into the structure. Periodically inspect the roof for signs of damage and replace roofing materials as needed. Remove loose debris and hardened residue from shingles to prevent placing excessive weight on roofing materials for extended amounts of time, which could cause shingles to shift or break.