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Stages Of Tiny Home Buying Research

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Tiny home buying research can be a little bit different than a traditional home buying decision. It comes with a few unique stages of research and planning to determine the feasibility of the project. Here are some things to do if you're considering building a tiny home.

Pricing the Home

The first step would be to price the building costs of the home. Some companies provide all that you need to get up and running in their tiny home kits. You could also purchase shipping containers to start the base of your home and do it yourself. Another cost that goes into the project is buying the correct lot. A real estate agent can be quite helpful in pulling together quotes for land buying.

Understanding Logistical Limitations

Know that your tiny home will come with special challenges for electrical wiring, plumbing and heating, as well as other services. If you plan to live in one place, you may be able to get hooked up to municipal sewage sources and utility boxes. Otherwise, consider the cost and time involved in maintaining a generator or a portable toilet. Contact an electrician as well as a heating and plumbing company, such as Able Plumbing-Pumps & Well Service, to determine what costs may be associated with your tiny home.

Understanding Your Local Rights

Each town has their own policies regarding the legality of tiny homes. In some areas, a dwelling unit is required to be of a specific minimum area in order to have property rights like a traditional home. There are differing rules regarding whether you can place a tiny home on another person's lot as well. An additional issue to consider in this category is whether you are able to get insurance coverage to protect your home.

Comparing Tiny Home to Traditional Home

After all that you now know all that you know about tiny home ownership, the final portal to pass through is confirming that tiny homes are a better choice for you than a traditional home. You could speak with a real estate agent about the cost of a small, traditional home in your desired area versus the options for building and placing a tiny home. Also keep in mind that tiny homes retain value differently than traditional homes.

Some people find that the tiny home ideals and lifestyle are better than the benefits of a traditional home, no matter the cost comparison. And in that case, more power to you. But it certainly pays to be equipped with all of the facts before you commit to a tiny house development project.