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Why Excessive Rain Is Bad For A Septic Tank

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A good septic system helps to keep your toilet running smoothly and efficiently. However, they require a delicate balance of water intake that can be upset by a massive rainstorm. Here's what homeowners need to know about this situation and how to avoid it.

Excessive Water Can Affect The Drain Field

When excessive water ends up in a septic tank or a drain field, it can cause a variety of problems. Large amounts of water can damage the soil and cause it to lose its filtering abilities. A good septic field is designed to filter away dangerous chemicals and bacteria from your waste. Even worse, a heavy rainstorm can cause that waste to wash up on the surface of your drain field. 

When this sewer water washes up on the surface of a drain field, it can expose a homeowner and their family to a wide range of diseases. Many of these problems can be severe and even deadly. As a result, it is essential to understand why this problem occurs and how to manage it successfully.

How Soil Drainage Can Affect This Problem 

Soil drainage is one of the major contributors to the water saturation of a septic tank and septic field. The water in a septic field should drain at about two inches per hour. Lower than one inch is too fast and higher than four inches is much too fast. Excessively quick drainage can cause too much water to end up in the system. 

However, slow soil drainage can also make it more difficult for the septic field to filter out waste effectively. As with any septic tank concern, a careful balance is necessary to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Thankfully, it is possible for a homeowner to achieve this balance.

Various Ways To Help 

One way homeowners can help protect their septic tank from excessive rain is to landscape the lawn above it. A good yard with heavy grass can help to absorb much of the water or direct it to a new location. The grass will absorb the water and keep it from sinking too deeply into the soil. Rich and well-landscaped soil can also prevent buildup around the tank that could devastate it. 

To promote higher-quality landscaping, it is also a good idea to aerate the soil around the tank. This act helps to make the ground healthier and more absorbent. However, too much aeration can also make it easier for water to get down to the septic tank. It is essential to talk to a landscaping expert to find a proper aeration balance. 

Before doing any landscaping, it is crucial to call up a septic tank expert and get your system pumped. They can then check whether it has too much water and help give advice and tips on how to keep your system operating smoothly and efficiently.

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