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Office Fencing: Five Tips

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Whatever your reason for installing new fencing for your office, it requires more thought than you may imagine. Check out these office fencing suggestions; you'll avoid mistakes and judgment errors along the way.

Know About Zoning

You might have checked zoning when you purchased your office originally. Zoning rules will lay out, of course, what you can do with the building in terms of floors, size and other issues. However, you may not have yet realized that your fence must also conform to the same zoning guidelines. Height, location and even type may be dictated by those rules so you need to check whether the fence you're picturing in your head can exist.

If your plans don't seem to fit with municipal zoning, that's okay. You can still make a request for a so-called "variance"; seek out an application and speak to the zoning office about deadlines and notifications.

Check Permits

While the contractor you use may work on the permits you need for your office fencing, it's still smart to be aware of them. Call the right permits office to be confident applications are completed and that permits have been granted.

Consider Maintenance

You'll likely be thinking about different costs when you decide what kind of office fencing you want. However, installation costs are but some of the costs involved. Instead of only thinking about the costs of chain-link, vinyl or wood, remember that maintenance costs may be considerable in the future. If you choose wood, for example, understand that buckling, rotting or warping can happen because of rain and sun. Set aside some cash for that or think about whether vinyl or chain-link metal is better. 

Notify Neighbors

While neighbors don't necessarily have to be spoken to, it's wise to build goodwill by talking with them about your office fence. They may not have any feelings about the fence, but they may have questions about how they'll be impacted by your fence and the contractors as they work. 

Plan for Installation

Fence installation can affect how employees get in and out of the parking lot. It could affect where and when deliveries are made. Therefore, come up with a loose plan of how things will go during installation. 

With these tips, commercial fencing can be installed properly. Have talks with your contractor about how things will unfold and what more you should be doing to help the process along.