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Addressing Your Home's Low Water Pressure

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A sudden decrease in the water pressure of your plumbing can be a disruptive and troubling problem to experience. When you find yourself needing to address a lack of water pressure, it can be easy to be unaware of the exact steps that will be able to help you correct this problem.

Ensure There Is Not A Major Leak

One of the first steps that you should do is to make sure that there is not a major water leak. These leaks can spill substantial amounts of water into the home, which can be a devastating experience. This can also cause a decrease in water pressure as much of the water flowing through the pipes may leak out before making it to the faucet. Thoroughly inspecting the home for signs of leaking plumbing can help you to identify whether this is a likely cause.

Check The Valves And Clean The Aeration Components

It can be common for the valves that control the water pressure to become slightly adjusted, and this can decrease the water pressure. This is particularly common for sinks as the pressure valve for the sink will often be in a cabinet under it. Items placed in this cabinet can disturb the valve, which may cause it to reduce the amount of water flowing to the sink. In addition to checking these valves, you may also want to clean the aeration device for the faucet. These devices add air to the water, which can increase water pressure without using more water than is necessary. Over time, these devices can become coated with minerals and sediments that may restrict the flow of water.

Change The Filter To Any Filtration Devices

Water filters can greatly improve the quality of your home's water. However, these filters will have to be changed on a regular basis. In addition to lowering the quality of the water, failing to change these filters will result in a decrease in water pressure. At least every few months, these filters will need to be changed, but you should consult the manufacturer's recommendations as this may need to be done more frequently.

Have The Plumbing Professionally Inspected

When these steps fail to correct your low water pressure, you will need to hire a professional to determine and correct the cause of this problem. A common reason for this type of chronic low water pressure will be the pipes being restricted by hard water deposits. In these situations, the professional will be able to clean the pipes and install a water softening system.

For more information, contact your local water treatment service.