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Looking To Boost Your Basement's R&R Factor? Add A Hot Tub

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An unfinished basement might initially seem like a hindrance, but the good thing about buying a home with a basement of this type is that you have a blank canvas for making the space however you want. If you're a couple who enjoys rest and relaxation as one of your chief hobbies, you may wish to make your basement reflect this sentiment. One option to consider is to add a hot tub in the basement. While hot tubs are more conventional outdoors, having your general contractor install one in your basement — with a number of features around it — can be immensely appealing. Here are some considerations for this job.


There are many reasons to think favorably about a hot tub in your basement. If you have a small backyard, for example, you might not be keen on devoting perhaps a significant percentage of it to the hot tub — something that you enjoy using, but only a certain amount of the time. In a tight neighborhood, you may lack privacy while sitting in the hot tub, which can bother you. Placing the hot tub in your basement as part of the finishing project helps you to avoid these issues.


There are many things that your general contractor will need to do in order to install the hot tub in your basement. In addition to all of the necessary hookups, he or she will need to assess how much ventilation the space gets. You don't want the basement to get moldy because of the humidity that the hot tub creates, so adding extra windows or a high-end ventilation system will allow you to keep the basement's humidity at an acceptable level. Additionally, you may not simply want the hot tub sitting in the corner. Instead, a hardwood surround that you can climb up onto before getting into the hot tub can be favorable.


You'll want a variety of nice additions around your hot tub. For example, your general contractor or a subcontracted electrician could install overhead lights that you can dim when you use the hot tub. Instead of just finishing the walls around the hub tub conventionally, your contractor could install one or more wall niches that you can use to set a bottle of wine or a couple of wine glasses. Get as creative as you want and be sure to scour the internet for ideas that you can share with your contractor.

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