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Crash Trucks: A Guide To The Cushions Of Construction

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Nobody thinks of construction zones as "cushion-y." However, there is one such piece of equipment that is often referred to as a "cowboy cushion" or a "crash cushion." While these are all the same names for the same device, it really is not a cushion in the sense of something soft, squishy, or fluffy, either. Yet, it will save your life if you are working in a construction zone and the crash truck (which is another name for this same piece of equipment) absorbs the impact of a car that hits it. Here is more about these unique vehicles and why you should definitely have a "construction cushion" protecting you at all times. 

Truck-Mounted Attenuators vs. Truck Attenuators

In addition to all of the previous names for which these safety devices/trucks go by, they are also called "attenuators." This is useful from the standpoint that if you are going to call up a rental place and ask for a crash truck rental, they may tell you that they do not have that until you refer to it by another name. You might have to go through the entire list of names for this same piece of equipment/truck before you can get someone to tell you if they have it for rent.

Once they tell you that they have it, then you have to ask if they have the truck-mounted variety (which is removable) versus the kind that is built right into the truck itself. The former is a big steel shelf that bolts onto the backs of most construction trucks, thereby turning your own company vehicles into crash trucks/attenuators. The latter is an actual crash truck with the platform built right into the body of the truck. Depending on what is available and what you may prefer, you can choose and rent it. 

The Stabilization Feet

If you rent the actual truck with a built-in attenuator platform, it has stabilization feet built in under it. The feet have to be folded down and locked into place to meet the road so that when something crashes into the platform, it is fully supported and the truck will not budge an inch. If you rent the platform alone, you have to rely on the emergency braking system inside the truck to which the platform is attached to act as a brace for impact. Some of the platform-only attenuators may have feet, but most of them just rely on the brakes of the truck. 

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