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DIY Tips For Painting Your Old Cabinets

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Do you have cabinets in your home that are looking a bit outdated? If you're tempted to rip out those cabinets and replace them with new ones, consider some DIY remodeling tips that can help get some new life out of your existing cabinets that have been stained. Here are some tips that will help you do it on your own.


It's important that you remove the doors and hardware before you get started. Make sure to keep the hardware in bags so that you do not lose anything, and label the door that goes to each cabinet to ensure they go back to the right place. Thankfully, you don't need to take the cabinets off the wall as long as you are going over an existing stain with paint.

Wipe down your cabinets using water and a TSP general purpose cleaner, which will help to get the grease off of kitchen cabinets and give them a clean surface to work with. Now is also the time to use wood filler to fix scratches on the surface. Fill the holes with wood filler and smooth it with a putty knife, then let the wood filler dry. 

Sand the surfaces of the cabinets to give it a smooth finish and then wipe down the surface to clean off the dust. Finally, tape off edges around countertops and soffits so that you do not accidentally get paint on them. 

Prime and Paint

You will need to prime the cabinets so that the paint sticks to the surface. It will help to apply the primer with the grain of the wood so that the primer goes on smoothly. The primer doesn't need to look perfect, just completely cover the surface to make the paint look good on the surface. 

Many painting tips for your interior walls also apply to your cabinets. Make sure not to apply too much paint or primer with your brush by tapping the brush against the edge of the paint can. You can also apply paint and primer using a roller by moving it in a W motion. One thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn't be painting all surfaces of drawers. Avoid painting the inside surfaces that can cause the drawer to stick once it is put back in your cabinets.

For more tips on remodeling kitchen cabinets, speak with a cabinet remodeling contractor that can help you do it.