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Avoiding Sewer Emergencies

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Transporting wastewater away from your home and property is one of the most important responsibilities that your plumbing system will have. Unfortunately, problems with disposing of wastewater can be extremely damaging and disruptive for your home. Yet, this is a threat that is often overlooked by homeowners when it comes to maintaining their property, which may leave them unprepared for this particular hazard.

Have Slow Sewer Lines Pumped Immediately

A slowing of the sewer line is one of the most common performance problems that a plumbing system can encounter. Unfortunately, individuals will often greatly underestimate the threat that this can pose. Usually, a slowing sewer line indicates that a clog is forming or that the line is developing another serious problem. Failing to take prompt action when these issues first arise can lead to the sewer line becoming completely clogged. Fortunately, having the sewer lines pumped will not take long to schedule as there are emergency sewer pumping services that can remove the debris that may be starting to form in the sewer line.

Maintain The Plumbing's Grinder

It is a reality that the wastewater coming from your home will contain a variety of pieces of solid waste. To prevent these substances from being able to rapidly clog the sewer line, homes will have a grinding system that is connected to the plumbing. While this grinder can be extremely effective at breaking up solid waste so that it will not cause clogs, these devices need maintenance every few years if they are to remain operational. Otherwise, the grinder may completely fail or it may lose the ability to break up solid matter well-enough to ensure it can pass through the sewer line. Due to the unsanitary nature of this device as well as its inherent complexity, homeowners should avoid attempting to service their system's grinder on their own. In addition to the risk of causing damage, they could also expose themselves to hazardous bacteria.

Be Aware Of The Substances That Can Cause The Most Problems For The Sewer Lines

There are some substances that can be extremely hard on your sewer line system. In addition to large debris that could pose a clogging risk, harsh chemicals can also be damaging to this line. Over time, pouring acidic cleaning agents or clog removing chemicals down the plumbing can weaken the sewer line by causing it to become brittle or leading to seals failing. These problems can be especially true of older homes as these sewer lines may have suffered wear that leaves them especially vulnerable to this damage.