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Three Reasons Why Your Modern Home Design Needs Juliet Balconies

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Porches have long been a traditional factor in homes. From older homes with wrap-around porches to new homes with a front receiving porch and backyard for kids to play in, a porch is common for homes of most styles. If you are interested in building a modern home, and want to add more porch-like options, you should consider installing Juliet balconies in some of the rooms. Here are three reasons every modern home needs a Juliet balcony. 

Juliette balconies help with clean air 

Airing out your home is one of the best methods for natural cleaning. Opening up windows and doors allows in natural light and lets in fresh air from outside. Fresh air is best for humans, pets, and plants in the home. Most homes only have two exterior doors, and windows may be difficult to open or close depending on the build of a home. Opening up the doors of a Juliet balcony will allow more air than a window and will permit unfiltered sunlight to enter the room throughout the day. You can leave these doors open and close them easily when you are ready, which makes the space like a more functional window. 

Juliet balconies are more secure

Most Juliet balconies only have enough space to place two feet on the balcony and stand without much other space. This means that scaling the balcony and climbing into the home is difficult on a Juliet versus a regular balcony. Juliette balconies are often barred, making it difficult for people and things to fall in between or off the spaces of the balcony. Be sure to select a high sitting balcony, so that both children and adults can securely stand on the space without any risk. Since modern homes tend to have open floor plans and floor to ceiling glass windows, Juliet balconies offer a better form of security. 

These spaces are more city friendly

If you want to have a home in a city, you may need to make some concessions. In a crowded city center, you may not have space for a regular balcony which will sit out too far into the street or the sidewalk. A Juliet balcony will increase the appeal of your modern home and make it easier to comply with code enforcement for your house. Build a Juliet balcony that has space for a plant and a small stool so that you can sit out and enjoy the night sights and city lights. 

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