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5 Remodeling Ideas That Make Aging In Place Easier

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If you're thinking about aging in place in your current home, you've probably chosen to do so because you love living in this house and value the community and neighborhood connections you've made throughout the years. However, even though you probably find your home very comfortable in its current conditions, there are custom home remodeling options you should begin to consider now so they'll be in place in the future. The following are just five of the many ways to customize your home to make aging in place as safe as comfortable as possible. 

Counter-Level Appliances

Standard appliances such as ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers are frequent culprits when it comes to household accidents because they involving bending, stooping, and reaching. Having them at counter-level minimizes their risks significantly. Many seniors choose to designate an entire wall in their kitchen area for their raised appliances, while others prefer to keep their raised front-loading washing machines and dryers in the utility room. 

Safety Bars Near Bathroom Fixtures

Safety bars provide a way for you to quickly balance yourself in the event you start to fall while in the shower, tub, or while using the sink or toilet. Some homeowners also choose to have grab bars installed near their beds. 

Nonslip Flooring

Nonslip flooring is essential in rooms where water or other liquids are likely to end up on the floor, such as the bathroom and kitchen. Some homeowners prefer to add it to other rooms as well — at the very least, you should replace carpeting with long fibers for one with short fibers to minimize slip-and-fall risks. 

Outdoor Ramps

Although many people believe that outdoor ramps are strictly for use by those in wheelchairs or scooters, this is not the case. Because ramps remove the necessity of navigating steps, they also provide benefits for those who may be at risk of losing their balance while walking up or down steps. A ramp will make it easier for you to carry groceries and other items whether or not you're in a wheelchair. 

Touchless Faucets

Faucets can sometimes be hard to turn on and off for those with arthritic hands or other issues that may interfere with their grip. Touchless faucets are activated by a sensor situated on the bottom of the spout — all you need to do is place your hands under the spout and it will release water.  Ask your local customized remodeling service for more inspiration on turning your home into a haven for aging in place.   

For more information on how to imagine your new custom home remodel, contact your local contractor.