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Building A New Home? 3 Areas You Need More Space Than You Think

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Building a brand new, comfortable home for your family is incredibly exciting, especially if you have been living in a small, cramped space for awhile. However, if you aren't careful, you could end up creating a floor plan that doesn't work as well for your daily life. Here are three areas where you may need more space than you think so you can have your floor plan adjusted before the first day of construction. 

1. Kitchens

Your kitchen area is where your family will gather multiple times throughout the day, eating, snacking, and even just talking. Kitchens are also typically filled with appliances, which is why it never hurts to have a little extra space. 

Think about whether your family likes to eat in the kitchen or if you typically enjoy meals in the dining room. Try to create a larger kitchen area if your family likes to enjoy meals together or if you do any entertaining on a regular basis. 

2. Decks

Your deck is another area where people may gather throughout the year. Whether you like hosting pool parties or you love watching the sun set with your special someone, having a large enough deck can be helpful. 

Think about what kind of furniture you would want on your deck, where it would go, and how much room you would need to protect that space. As you plan your home, ask your contractor to create a large deck area to make sure the room you need. 

3. Laundry Rooms

Whether you have a large crew with lots of children or you burn through clothing, it pays to have a large laundry area. Talk with your building contractor about how much space you think you need for a laundry room, and think about adding extra space to accommodate extra folding tables, areas to dry clothing, and even a sink where you can scrub out difficult stains. 

To make the space pleasant to use, make sure to have it painted like the rest of your home and fitted with cabinets that match wood throughout your house. 

Anytime you are seriously considering building a new home, work with a home construction contractor who has years of experience creating beautiful spaces. Talk with them about the past homes they have built, how people feel about the properties, and what the warranty covers on the building. By talking about all the details, you can become familiar with what to expect.