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Crash Trucks: A Guide To The Cushions Of Construction

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Nobody thinks of construction zones as “cushion-y.” However, there is one such piece of equipment that is often referred to as a “cowboy cushion” or a “crash cushion.” While these are all the same names for the same device, it really is not a cushion in the sense of something soft, squishy, or fluffy, either. Yet, it will save your life if you are working in a construction zone and the crash truck (which is another name for this same piece of equipment) absorbs the impact of a car that hits it. Read More»

Why Pre-Built Trusses Make Sense For Building A Barn

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Building a brand new barn is often the only option to make space for keeping your horses, cattle, or other livestock on a raw piece of rural land. While stick-framing techniques involving rafters were once the only option, today’s barn owners can choose to order pre-made trusses instead. These trusses make barn building much easier in many ways, regardless of the style or size of building you need to add to your property. Read More»

The Benefits Of Steel Log Siding

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Those who own cabins or homes near lakes and rivers may love the rustic look of a log cabin exterior. Unfortunately, there are many downsides to using real logs on the exterior of your home. Fortunately, steel log siding is a viable alternative to log siding that looks realistic. If you are considering steel log siding, here are a few of the benefits that this type of siding has over traditional log siding. Read More»

Rental Property Renovation Tips For New Landlords

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So you’ve bought a rental property as an investment and want to find a great tenant who will pay the rent on time and keep the place looking nice. Well, the best way to attract good tenants is to make sure that the house or apartment is in great shape by making certain improvements. Here a few tips to keep in mind as you start this exciting project. Painting No other renovation project makes a property look as fresh and inviting as a new coat of paint. Read More»

3 Great Reasons To Maintain Your Septic System

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Despite the fact your septic system is an important part of your home, it’s probably something you don’t pay much attention to. That is, until it’s too late, like when your toilet gets backed up or you notice water pooling near your drainfield. In order to prevent septic system emergencies like these from happening, you’ll need to keep up with proper maintenance. Besides preventing emergencies, here are three other great reasons to maintain your septic system. Read More»